Saturday, June 19, 2010

Classic With Style..Ms Classic With Style 2010

First Runner Up Ms Sorite Krautrauch Miss Classic With Style 2010...Ms Celeste Magic

The air is tense here tonight as people gather to decide who will be Ms Classic With Style 2010.

As the number of attendees continues to mount, you can see a collage of colors as these lovely ladies enter in their finery.

Ms. Anrol Anthony is looking lovely as always dressed in her own style, a maroon lace and silk gown and accompanied by her husband, Mr Mike McCullough.

Gathered in the judges seats are Lisana Rossen, VeronicaLynn Parx, BellaRosa Sierot, Executive Trainer, Tabytha1 Bally and let us not forget, Second Life Top of The World, Serene Garnet. These are just a few of the many names here tonight. All of them with their own vested interest in this lovely pageant. I definitely do not envy them this job tonight.

Collectively, some of the finest beauties Second Life has to offer are gathered here this evening for this contest of 'Beauty and Brains'.

According to Ms Anthony, this is the first such pageant of it's kind here in Second Life. The results should prove interesting as well as thought provoking.

Since 2008, Mr Steve McCullough and Ms Anrol Anthony have been providing modeling training to young ladies and gentlemen in Second Life.
Each month new models are trained by these wonderful and caring people. Hard work, study and lots of practice combine to generate some of the most beautiful models Second Life has to offer.

Strict but knowledgeable, Ms Anthony runs the agency as one would expect; with her own style which has been proven not only in Second Life but in her real life as well. A model in Real Life, Ms Anthony demands only the best in Second Life and holds those same high standards to all who apply here to become Classic With Style Models.

The judges have trained these models over the months and now they must judge each on his or her ability to put to use the knowledge they've been given.

As the models arrive onstage, Ms. VeronicaLynn Parx begins reading the descriptions of their attire from head to toe.These descriptions must be written by these talented individuals along with their own biographies since entering Second Life. In addition to their biographies the models may list the many pageants they've won and of course they are styling the best of the many designers in Second Life.

The models display their own hard earned knowledge and their own creativity in the decisions they make in the exquisite outfits and their own descriptions of each.

A look of satisfaction can be seen on the faces of the educators as well as the owners of Classic With Style as each model enters the stage.
It must be difficult to judge the very ladies who have passed through your classroom but these ladies are determined to do so and to be unbiased in such judging.

"Only The Best" is not easily earned but as is displayed in this evenings activities, the models and their diverse styles; it becomes obvious that Classic With Style is truly the best modeling agency in Second Life.

The finalists are now being called out and the applause resounds within the dome as these beauties display their own knowledge of style and good taste.

We are down to the final votes now as these lovely models wait for the judges to tally their scores.
The tension can almost be felt building as Ms. Pippa Exonar displays her vocal talents while these judges tally their votes to determine who will win this contest.

Suffice to say, this will be a difficult decision by these learned judges.

Now come the questions by the judges regarding Classic W/ Style, US President, History our Supreme court and our Governor. Difficult questions to answer, we shall see who will win this overall pageant.
Given thirty seconds to answer the questions, if the models fail to answer within thirty seconds it is considered a wrong answer. How much more difficult can Classic With Style make this pageant?
Who says modeling is all about beauty? These gorgeous models will display how well versed they are in the aforementioned categories.

With questions such as the following leading into this final part of the contest:
Steve101 McCullough created a video dedicated to me, Anrol Anthony on my 2nd year rez birthday.. What is the name of the song that is playing on my rez video: Correct Answer : Simply The Best!

The questions continue now getting more and more difficult and the finalists numbers are shrinking as one after the other they are questioned and graded not only on the correct answer but on the spelling as well.

This truly has become a very difficult pageant not only for the models and the judges but for the audience as well as we anticipate who will get the final answer correct.

Questions such as this will determine who will be the winner of this very tense pageant: What is the highest judicial officer in the country, and acts as a chief administrative officer for the federal courts and appoints the director of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts. The correct answer is: The Chief Justice.
This blogger is thinking that Google certainly would be of assistance in this last round as these finalist prove once again that pageants at Classic With Style are not just about beauty but a variety of knowledge in diverse areas.

The tension almost palpable now; the contestants await their respective turns to be questioned, their numbers shrinking as one after the other they are asked these difficult questions.

The Linden winnings will be as follows:
Guaranteed prizes Give Away by Classic With Style
=1st Place:-- 25,000 linden
==2nd Place:-- 10,000 linden
===3rd Place:--5,000 linden
4rth through 10th Place: 1,000 linden each

With the questions having grown more and more difficult, the numbers are slimming down.

5th finalist is Ms FlutegirlSam GossipGirl
4th finalist is Ms Emma Alstatter
3rd place winner is Mr Didier Rascon
2ndPlace finalist is Me Maleha Inglewood
1st runner up is Sorite Krautrauch

Miss Celeste Magic is the Miss CWS Finalist!

This was a lengthy and tension filled contest but proving once again that models from Classic With Style are not just about beauty but about brains as well.

Congratulations to Miss Celeste Magic on not just beauty and good taste but on brains as well.